Farewell Natalie Cole

Vintage Words


Goodbyes are difficult with strangers

but you were like family, like a voice that

calmed the world and made it appear

better and  happier. Calmer.


You and your dad, Nat, are singing

now because as there is a heaven,

and music is your destination, and well sung

lyrics are a part of heaven's arrangements,

we will see and hear you again.


Singing lifts all kinds of blues, creating

the sense of a fantastic playing field. Relaxing

and soul-piercing melody flows to us in a voice

on the radio and Yldie stations,  and are

remembered from historical listings on pop

charts. Sing, Natalie, sing.


Unforgotten, like Nina Simone, and Dinah

Washington, Whitney Houston, and Bessie Smith,

your work was done well here and will continue

be heard around tthe globe for a long time.






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