Feet Are Ugly

Vintage Words


Consider all the body parts

and if a contest for beauty runs

feet will be last or runner up

for last. The scalp might nudge

out toes, growing like roots

at the bottom of the corporeal

construct. But consider toenails,

the connection between ankle

and heel. Arches fall, slew-footed

folks have that fan-fan thing

going on. Bunioned, spurred,

and misshapened from years

of wearing all the wrong shoes,



Consider toe jam, fungus

that causes bad odors in athletes.

Part the big toe and the second

toe and look down inside. Yikes!

Bare footed, lie flat. Observe closely

the shape and hair distribution,

the discoloration. All attempts

to manicure and add polish

does not help. Feet are ugly. 


Consider the foot massage, foot

powder, anti-fungeal creams. Yuck

city. They require constant care

and clipping, lotion to keep them

subtle. But the sight of toes

connected by little tiny bones

to the body is just unaestically

arranged. In a run-off, I'd chose

the scalp over feet anyday.






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and_hera_met_zeus's picture


you're not the first person to make that comparison.




love the poem :) hope u like the story.

allets's picture

Will Read

tomorrow. The next time you hear someone call someone ugly, retort, "Feet are ugly. What's wrong with your aesthetics?" Okay, need sleep, adieu. ~:S~