Near The End

Vintage Words


When the last

bell is rung, and

the last telecast

sent before the net

is eaten, the end

will not be far.


If the earth can

rejuvenate bacteria

when the atomics

are contained outside

lead lined bunkers,

some may live but

ultimately may not

wish to.


So, the skeptic asks

about impossibilities

and faith in leadership

worldwide. But such

leadership passed their

authority to corporations

where no one can make

a decision without

a collective agreement.


If history has taught us

anything, it is that humans

are not good at working

well for other humans

if profits can be made.






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The end is near, only it's

The end is near, only it's not the end you imagine.

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Imagination Running Wild

Before the world goes, I will. Then it is a moot point. I feel a sense of inevitability. The ecology and the environment is not something to be fixed when crisis is reached. We know it, we fear it and recyle and adjust the the work and home thermostats.  U have a point, if earth is hit by an asteroid the size of the moon, it's over. :D Thanks for your supportive and kind comment - Stella