If You Don't Know

Vintage Words


Pick up a book. But if you

are allergic to books, as many

humans are, try books on tape.

Or on CD if that is your 

technological  preference.


Unable to figure out high

or low tech, that’s a problem.

You will need a brief course

with your elementary school

family member.


Humanism is not the place

to begin your academic 

career that has been delayed

for several decades since

high school. Start easy,

Sixth grade math. The kids

today begin pre-algebra

and pre-geometry 

in sixth grade. You’ll fit

right inside that glove.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

books are the new Dr. Seuss,

as you of course know.  

Start with those next, picking

up vocabulary that will 

be on the P-SAT.


Two to three years later

you will be ready to actually

tackle an adult book. Try

the classics. Homer, Dickens,

Asimov, saving Shakespeare 

and Chaucer for later when you

become an English Major 

at the university of your choice


“Why do this?” you ask. To

make life interesting enough

to comprehend the ramifications

of what a tv commercial 

is designed to do and why

you need psychology to make

sense of such worlds when

they are pointed at you.


As a side endeavor, write poetry.

There is no better way to chronicle

one’s life than through verse. 

Besides, what else can anyone do

with the ability to own the definiton

of and spell every word

in the dictionary







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

made me smile

weird coincidence: i ALMOST bought the canterbury tales this week.  u made up my mind for me. i'll head back to that bookstore

allets's picture


Canterbury Tales should be free on the internet. I have a gold rimmed volume of all of Chaucer's works. Haven't cracked it in a while. Dusty somewhere. - Read latest Time Magazine last night, great fodder for poems.


The Wyfe of the Bathe - I love the way it sounds spoken in middle english :S




borbug's picture

truely inspiring one...there

truely inspiring one...there is hope

allets's picture

I Don't Read

like I used to. I write now and miss reading. A thing to correct assuredly. Thank you for reading me stuff with such consistency. Appreciated ;D - allets



schmuckjones's picture

Now I know

And knowing is half the battle.  Good read Stella.  Inspiring!

allets's picture

To Know

is to live. Glad u r back - c u around the site ;D - allets