Let's Talk Weather

Vintage Words


Autumn is relaxing against

a piece of water turned

to crystallinity in a

lowered status of heat.


More, so much more, reclines

upon the fur rugs of winter

before a burning fire where

no snow can survive. 


Lie down upon a blanket

of snowdrops; water in its

best articulation. Like a

child's first encounter,

feel the essence of frozen.


Sleep beneath covers to avoid 

chilled breath and shivering

limbs. Send finely murmured

greetings to winter. Say hello

to far too much ice.







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sweetwater's picture

A marvellous poem, so many

A marvellous poem, so many strong images, I could feel the snow, see the snowdrops, and hear the crackling of the fire. A super winter story :-)) Sue.

allets's picture

Glad U Felt The Snow


I am considering buiding a snowman, when good packing happens :D - Stella