Event Chain

Vintage Words


Consider chains of events

in constant motion. We tend

to think in minutes instead of

in century spanned timespheres.

Imagine a world without volcanoes

or glaciers, no winters or leaves

changing colors in Autumn.


Think of no rainfall, no sand

on beaches, no sunlight to warm the

feet and massage the back while

lounging on the deck. Imagine

roots reaching skyward and flowers

blooming below the soil line.


Consider a world where stars glow

only when the moon is at full aspect

and tides refuse to rush ocean water

shoresides forgetting to convulse

at the whim of gravity and solar winds.


Perhaps it is best that the earth

spins nicely in the universe. Think

about time and evolution, causality,

and destination. Humans are growing up

straight and grass does too according

to what the season says is right.







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