It arrived from a seasonally gray

cloud that shead feathers, ghostlike,

onto grass attempting to root and grow.

Too late to migrate too soon to consider

the rich contours of hills and valleys,

it blanketed everything encountered.


Winter is tapping against the window,

trying to freeze brain cells again.

Where have you been winter? We waited

and talked about you bad.


Icicles confronted their first stage of

existence from roof tiles to hard dirt. 

Buried in fur, no cats will perch on

the railing covered in flakes of cold

to shiver in adversity. Winter, you old

so and so, where ya been?







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sweetwater's picture

Very much enjoyed reading

Very much enjoyed reading this jaunty poem, it made me smile. Sue x

allets's picture

So Glad, sweetwater

that it made you smile. Just a bit of fun with nature - allets