And Then The Lights Went Out


Lightening stuck the roof, danced

as if a ballerina on a Broadway stage,

ran the antennae wire to the ground,

and then the lights went out.


Why do they call it a bolt? It is a

serpent of energy waltzing as if in an

ante bellum movie, imitating a sword's

blade pulled to cut the kitchen into

pieces of dark.


Calls are heard above sharp screamed

expletives. From the driveway, eyes are

still aglow with after burn and run of

ions unloosed, the roof tiles smoking

from impact, the lights blown into

bedrooms full of blackout.


No energy to recharge phones and Ipods.

Computers run down batteries. Like shadowy

ghosts, shapes move through the livingroom

unseen by passers by. Tripped circuit

breakers do not work when reset. Ebony

spaces live here when the lights

leave home.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blackouts are weird. You feel like it is a return to the stone ages because of the need for fire and flashlights.

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sweetwater's picture

Very strong images here,  I

Very strong images here,  I love the drama and adore ( not going over the top here am I ? :)  ) the very last line, the word ebon alone is somehow magical. Sue x

allets's picture

Over The Top Makes Me Smile

We are poets, we live over and up there - we own the deed. Over the top, I love the word ebon and ebony too. Peace and may your lights remain aglow and work when you hit the switch :D - StellaofMichiganusa