The Candidates

Vintage Words


Experience means the lever

falls. Surgeons do not make good

politicians, too vain. Billionaires

sling lots of money at ads

but will not buy a popsickle

worth of votes.


From barring immigrants

who mean no harm to allowing

entry of immigrants who

might, we now turn our

attention please to wearing

guns exposed to deter

something or other.


Think of the wild wild

west, then think of the wild

wild east. South is drought,

North is melting ice water.

The weather man and weather

woman were committed yesterday

after watching the sun set

on high water horizons. It was

just too much input for the mind

to ingest and sweat out.


Screens and columns at alert will

fill with faces telling us how to chose

and who. The rest of the folks wait, 

breath paused, for the announcement:

"And the sinner is . . ."







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Love a biting political

Love a biting political write. You inspire me! 

Let your teeth show

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Was reading some of your earlier poems tonight. Ditto on inspiration - yrpoemreader - :D