Resolution 2016

Vintage Words


We have waited for this moment

since taking our first breath

when we wailed ourselves into

the world. Catharsis arrived new

as another year howling into our

lives at a micro-second past



Be it resolved, the old us is out,

the new us will be born on an idea

of time that will exploit wisdom

and store it until it is indelibly

ours. As a given, the task is now

and endlessly prepared to eek out 

details from unrepeatable moment

to irretrievable moment.


Finally, the speed demon moment has 

evolved into a tool for our wielding.

Be it now decreed, we will pattern matter

into the shape we declare inside respite.

Come, mold our malleable minds into

event mode. Encourage time to measurably

sing for us to wake up and blink all

mays into musts.


Tomorrow talks to us with a voice so

invitingly calm we are willing to cross

any distance to get there. We have

innovatively recreated ourselves to show

like a flowering weed in the most

overgrown field. We must seed ourselves

and never be forgotten.


We were prepared to soundlessly forget

that we were learning to form wealth with

words. Let us profusely spill over into what

the heart heard. Be it known, within this

age we spoke perpetually  and memorized

the potentials we actualized.


We stood resolved against possibilities

that thrived while the skill and potential

of imagination fertilized the realms known

from familiarity as ourselves.  Let the

improbable become practical to be eventually

formed into the stuff of our newly defiend








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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

breathtaking, inspiring!!!

such an intensely motivational welcome for the new year, and every new moment.

allets's picture

Happy New One


Second, third, fourth, the one hundredth chance to start over fresh is always an option for the new year. Sometime you just gotta put yo rah rah on. :D - yrsinverse,slc


The musician

plays to reach

the heart, the

painter puts

his mind on

canvas, but

to inspire

is the poet's

best thing.


Stella L. Crews