One Third

Vintage Words


I read somewhere

recently that one third

of the oil, natural gas,

and coal would have

to remain in the ground

to obtain the emission goals

set in Paris upon which

each country agreed.


One whole third. OPEC

is gonna love that statistic.

Wars are fought over numbers

and energy terrorism is not

out of the question.


One third? Not possible. Cars

would stop, industry would fade

if forced to give up energy.

For the carbon signature necessary

to keep one third of the species living,

this is what must occur.


We are doomed. Humans can not

come together and decide

the color of blue, not less

stick to an agreement that

will impoverish their nations.

Nice percentage: 33 and 1/3rd.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Interestingly, usa under Trump, pulled out of the Paris accord. - slc

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i think it's doable

but not in any happy, pleasant, politically sanctioned way.  but i do think our total ineptitude actually leaves us a pretty good chance of not burning it all.  i don't think it will be a pretty picture, though.  


heres a more fun statistic


psychologists used science to determine whether we are "born this way" or "raised this way", how do people become who they are?  by studying identical twins (some separated at birth) they determined we are 33% genetics and 33% products of our environment.  which begs the question, where does that last third of ourselves come from?  i'm voting on the soul (or maybe reincarnation).  hopefully this is a more fun statistic to ponder than immanent demise :)

allets's picture

Imminent Demise?

Agreed, not fun. Topical - but scientists are not optimistic. Weaker but wiser syndrome - we know it is happening and are powerless to intervene - petrie dish politics. - slc