Rebuttal #3: Miss Me While I'm Here


Let's not debate the inevitable. One day

I will be dead and you will be out there, if

you survive me, trying to remember my words

and whims, staring down at my tombstone.

The skinny is in the need to know exactly what

to express in your opinion to a prospective



It has happened. I learned what I

learned and offered it to you, but

was told old fuddy duddy concepts need

not apply to your intellect and authority.

Your  day will come. You will remember

the words you heard and threw out

without pause. It will happen. It

always happens.


If I did not love you, or cared, then

I would utilize every weapon in my verbal

arsenal to explain how your scathing

condemnation of my old ways is drowning

in long ago uses and outworn environments.


They will return to shoot you in the teeth

next to the wound you put in your foot. 

Did you actually say what I said no longer

applies to you and your contemporary view?

It is and old sun, beloved, and you ain't

all that new under it.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

To rant is a PostPoem tradition. Rant on! - slc

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