Rebuttal #2: Skillset


Strut and posture, announce loudly your

superior abilities and past accomplished deeds

as though saying was doing and position

and paycheck make you an expert in

everything. Ego is out there on a limb

today. Go get it, or fall. Your choice.


Accept this small offering of my ability

that saves you before the board

of directors slings you out to drip dry.

I know the paradigm, the dynamic that

knits and touches the heart of business

and politic here. Listen carefully

and survive. Do not listen and heed

and you will fail. Your demise will

be heard from one end of the building

to my office, upstairs to the CEO,

and down along the line of the lesser

paid who could not wait for payback

for all the down-mouthing you gave

over the years.


Believe it. I will be in the wings, laughing

at your encountering everything I said

that you discarded. No one know it all

my dear. Five brains are better than one,

but if there are only two available,

the smart money is on utilization maxed

and collaborative energies shared

and not looked down upon.








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