Rebuttal #1: Ancient History


My utterances are never of the intensity

that demands your reply putting down

what I said to you, expressing my mind.

I have been collecting information, colors,

innuendoes, and emotional scars

for over six decades. Your skin is unscalded,

unbruised, and nearly perect. You gotta

earn the right to put me down, darling.


Measure the wisdom by the ton, the love

of men and women and children

by the hundreds. When I die, notice

will reach everyone via Facebook

and folks you never knew I knew

will send cards, telegrams, or show

up on the door offering rememberances

of days that existed long before you

entered earth as an earth dweller.


Throw my words back at me and risk

perils your inexperienced existence

never contemplated. Too often I say

nothing, just hurt, hoping you would

respect some of my meritorious wealth

of accumulated how to and when

data. For you, it is free for the asking,

for the watching and interalizing. Ask

a question, any question, and if I do not

know the answer, I'll find it and bring

it to you on a green leaf of peace

and serve it with reconsiliation.







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