Christmas Countdown

Holiday Poems


The countdown has begun in serious hours

heading for the 25th 12:00 a.m. I currently

have two presents under the tree. We have a

limit of three this year, but I have four

or five for each of those I love most

in the world because I am seriously math

challenged, especially at Christmas.







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It is hard to limit oneself

It is hard to limit oneself when it comes to loved ones. :-) Have a very happy time. Sue.

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Happy Happy

Working on it and getting gradson excited about the countdown. Doing 8 glasses of water a day - gotta go. Happy Christmas :D - Stella



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Merry Christmas  exciting write !

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The Day We Celebrate

Christ's birth - however the 25th was arrived at as the date, it is my favorite holiday. Keeping it holy - Thanks for the visit - Happy holiday man of words :D - Stella