Trees Weary

Vintage Words


Winter sky

touches a gray

blue canvas  
to a gray-green 

lake of wind

swept water.


Undressed trees

return from a date

with summer at a 

withered hour, their

bark shivering.


Horizon hazed

geese, well fed

one last time

before migration

intuits the need

for fresh grass

under warmer









Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Bishu's smiling palm trees - slc

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bishu's picture

smiling palms

My palms are smiling
I drew smileys on them
My face is grumpy
Who made it lumpy ?

Christmas knocking
Happiness flocking
Smiles are a dime a dozen
The cabman next door is frozen

Nonsense comes from restless mice
But helps me to keep off vice



allets's picture

In Michigan

we have no palm trees. If I drew smileys on the oak or mulberry, or pine, I'd probably kill them, they are very serious trees. Thanks for the poem, cool write. ~ :D yrpennerfrominnerwinter



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

beautiful write

the trees are certainly underdressed this year.  maybe the economy finally hit them, and our somber oaks and maples eschewed the finery so they could afford the apple pies and mulberry jam.