Vintage Words


Referees wear spiffy stripes

of black and white to distinguish

them from the players in

ultra fashionable team emblemed

helmets. When the ref shows,

players get up and walk away

unless it is an emotional moment.

In football, there are always a lot

of emotional moments.


Referees love their stripes, it is

their favorite clothing pattern,

probably made in China, but

no matter. They strut. Striking

one or intentionally sacking one

can get you thrown out of the game



They will flag you and you may

be penalized for unsportsmanlike

dancing in the in-zone. No challenge

is possible, more times than not.

Referees don't care about angry guys

weighing almost 300 lbs. They

have spiffy whistles and enough

authority to exile you to the other

side of the universe.


Referees wear stripes. If they wore

plaid they would probably show

a lot of knee and wear fashionable

tassled tams. But broad stripes

are easier to see. They rub shoulders

with the famed and halled, but

touching the pigskin is the rush,

the long pass, the reason for all

existence existing.  


Refs come in small sizes, out there

among giants, but they love the game

and inhale and exhale footballs awake.

Asleep they count yardage and when they

go out on dates, it is to the zoo to

see the zebras.


When sport-dudes get out of control,

referees read 'em five versions

of the riot act, pass out penalties,

take possession of their man-ball,

and go home.









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SSmoothie's picture

A very biased

Unbiased balanced view

Video ref rocks!  

Well posed issues 

Blowing the whistle if you will ;) 


Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

allets's picture

With SS In The Game

it is always a touchdown! thanks for the visit hugz & more hugz - slc



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I wonder......

What's it like to have the best seat in the house like a referee?

allets's picture

They Have Season's Tickets

and a close up and personal view of the game, s'afact! Brave out there with all that mass. :D  - thanks for the read - slc



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