Snow Is Rumored In Denver

Vintage Words


I don't want to be presumptuous

or a pain in the knee, but where's

the damn snow and why is it falling

in Denver and not Detroit?


The robins are confuse here. Canada

Geese stop by migrating and stay longer

than before. It's getting crowded

on the waterfront that is not frozen

or hazy with falling white.


The weatherman is a liar, there must be

something cold and measured deeply

in the forecast. I am ususally snowed

in by now, boots getting their workout,

but the snow shovel is in high and dry mode

in the garage.


So what's is the deal? I want to know

when it is scheduled to snow. Whoever makes

it, manufactures each snoflake to be

different, causes the winds to gust high

and make the sky freeze and fall has to

wake up and punch the clock. Somebody contact

Denver. Denver, we have a problem here.






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