Vintage Words


When I'm

down & out

I lift up my voice

and scream, "I'm

down & out!!!!"

It does not

change my status,

but I feel better.






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Anyone truly alive in the now

Anyone truly alive in the now with unadulterated awareness – will often want to scream, when examining this world. And too, knows depression like a friend. But the key of that friendship, is knowing when to show your friend the door. And when to let a little sunshine back in. Because as bad as it is, it's not all bad. And there are still a few good people out there, who carry the light. If you know them, stick to them. And if you don't, find them. Because light bearers need to stick together in a darkened world. So if your light should go out, they will come and find you. And in turn, you can offer the same service. - Spinoza

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tongue in cheek - this poem intended to be humor - no problem with light over here. But thanks anyway. Saw pix of refugees in europe tonight - talk about huddled masses. I think of the homeless here. The faces of the Western have countries are about to change. Best to you and yours, Stella