Vintage Words

Two secular ones from Medieval wars stand next

to the king and the queen. These two do not

represent the church as they are out there

killing pawns and knights from ambush. Bishops

come at you diagonally or clandestinely. Now,

where have I heard that recently?


Faith wars are like any other wars. There must

be a princess involved armed with an A-K or a bomb

strapped just under the breasts. Bishops grant 

absolution before entering the fray where knights

tumble beneath crucifix embossed swords.


The end game is blessed with the blood of

the faithful, although the slain have no concern

for making confession newly being dead in their

sins. No concern at all excist, especially on the

question of how much to put in the poor box. Gallant

and holy, Bishops ride from the field of the last 

battle in search  of the next chess master sanctioned



Stella L. Crews





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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

the bishop does not confuse me

he fights diagonally, as if by proxy he leads a crusade.  the rook confuses me. how does a tower wreak so much havoc, and how does it move so rapidly from one side of the battlefield to the other, when pawns move carefully, one step at a time.