Kid Running With Hat


I am stimied. Was it the trip to

the Middle School to pick up sister,

or was it the joy of trying to put

on the hat?


The hat was mostly green

trimmed in white and looked

as if it belonged to a big brother,

but that was not what caught

my inquiry.


He was fascinated with putting

the hat on. Yes, is was cool

outside and perhaps mom

or dad had said the hat should

be on when outside which might

account for his enthusiasm

and why it took so many tries

to get it on.


But what tickled me so much

was the look on his mother's face

as he said it louder and louder.

All of three years old, walking

fast to keep up, hair flying

needing a cut, the hat

was declared as an averred

attention activity: "Hat on head!"

"Hat." "On head."







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