The Broken Blue Bulb

Vintage Words


The father watched as he lifted the small

orb in clumsy fingers, sore from fitting cars

together six days a week, defaulted to pain

and the blue bulb, his wife's favorite, fell

and shattered.


It was her grandmother's ornament, one of

few that survived the years of clumsy fingered

kids and restless puppies. Blue, he thought,

is her favorite color. Now, the broom

and confession were inseparably linked.


It was old, she said. Things get old and break.

And, glad for her mild forgiveness, he looked

deeply into her eyes and saw the blue bulb

staring back at him.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is a blue bulb remembered. :D slc

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

vivid picture

you painted here.  it looks exactly like a snapshot of a life, a picture more vivid than the one on their christmas card.

AngryLaughter's picture

Very true!

Things will always be things.

And hearts always hearts.

allets's picture

More Love Discovered

at Christmas - to be kind is so easy and so simple and so appreciated. :D - Stella



Incompl's picture

Absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful!

Let your teeth show

allets's picture

It's A Time

to forgive and to love m'thinks. Thanks for the read - Stella



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This comment has been deleted.

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For The Holiday

best wishes and lots of sentimental moments :D - Stella