Christmas At The Inn

Holiday Poems


A baby in straw,

lots of gift giving

by rich people; kings

and magi and such.


Halos all around,

it must be true

all the Christmas

cards show it

that way.


A time of holiness

and sacred concepts

to fill the mind

with images of a baby

asleep in a straw filled

trough. Cattle lowing

and carrying on.


It is not a tale 

about poverty or stars

as maps. Joseph could pay

for the inn, they just got

there late.







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bishu's picture

Christmas is close....

Whoever thinks of cauliflowers on Christmas ??Let‘s welcome with open hearts . Quite late now 11-30 pm



allets's picture

At Christmas I Think Cauliflower

Cut into small pieces

and dipped in salad dressing

or a nice spicy dip

raw or steamed

in December is best

to warm the mind

and cheer these teeth

with flavors for the season

and nourishment

for a poet.