Peace Is Like

Vintage Words


Loved and loving,

the stars look on

amazed by all

the brilliance rising

from a human

full of that essence

that created them

and blessed the earth

with you.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eventually, the sun :D slc

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KingofWords's picture


So simple yet brilliant! The lines are wonderfully rhythmical like the sea-waves! :)

allets's picture

Sea Waves & Tides

I was going to edit, but I shall leave it as it is. Waves are nice - thanks - Stella



bishu's picture

Yes Ma‘am

even the stars are

even the stars are turning green with envy



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Kolkata Cauliflower Green

Thank you for reading me - whitegreencabbageofkolkata :D - Stella




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This is so loving, a really

This is so loving, a really beautiful poem. Sue xx

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Merci Sue

Walking among the stars again, star gazing, star lost and recording the trip. Peace is like that, yeah it is - xoxoxo Stella