Sand & Sea

Invisible Poetry


Not what I expected based on movies
the sea is dirty and muddy looking
the sand flat and stoneless more
like dirt needing a forest.
Sand should be pristine
sea water should be blue-green
and transparent enough
to see shells and kelp.
Most seas are full of flotsam
cast off from humans who
do not know what to do
with rusted, poison, or oily trash.

Equatorial waters are clear

less inhabited, less developed

the nations so small

the mayor lives next door.


The Mediterranean has known

too many invaders, Vikings,

pirates, the English Armada,

Spain, slave traders, U-Boats

and oil tankers.


Water should be cleaned up

first, to purge the soil and the air

will take centuries.




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*awaits armageddon*

*awaits armageddon*

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Remember The Movie

where they had to buy oxygen? No longer free - I celebrate the free. ~(:D )- slc



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Very true

but none will heed



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Can Not Heed

Too many of us. Equitorial lands where people live will be too hot, below sea level coasts will flood. Where will the people go? South America, U.S. Europe, North Africa will grow in population. Perpetual wars will become tribal hostilities on a huge scale. Too many of us. - yourworriedfriendfromtheshoresofgitchigume.