Where do synonyms come from?

Bastions can be people, I hear, but

it may be a shameless rumor.

Barbicanism protects moats. Yeah,

we must protect the moats.


I dreamed once of becoming a bastion;

a protector of big and small moats.

As dreams go, as goals congealed 

around purposes, I believed adamantly

that it was as good a life aim as



With the motes secured, and the ramparts

unpierced by enemy canon, we can turn

attention to infrastructure like males

and females as machinery for perpetuity;

the manufactury of ovaries or seeds grown

in structured sacs. This is also known as

infrastructure; biological mote-building,

if you must be scientific.


Or, simply thought, good plumbing; sewer 

systems and streets rethought with underground

wiring invented from innovative mindsets.

A migration of new foundational ideas

is what we may let cross the moat.


We excel when problems arise, and have

become adepts in assimilating old world

values into our new wave matrices.It

comes down to moats. If you cross over

our barbicon protected moat, then you

have to drink the water that comes from

it. Our moat. Our rules.







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