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It could be hormonal. Not getting around

the track or lowering oneself energetically

into knee-bends often enough could be the

cause of all this insufficient physical



Now may be time to get on a treadmill or

walk, very carefully, around the block. If

you have maladies, walking very slowly

works, but you have to do two blocks. The

heart demands that.







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Reverse of insomina

I suffer this also, amazing write. I got a lot from this poem. Sometmes I wish i were more ''brain dead'' or ''asleep'' so life were easier, but I think we should be greatful that we are ''awake'' so we are able to write. Which to me, is the most important thing :)


Enjoyed this, thank you x

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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So Glad

you found something here that clicked to give you enjoyment. Best wishes for a happy and safe 2016 - yrpoetrymakerbudatdisneyorlandonroutehometofay ;D