Vintage Words


Remember when airplanes became jets

and broke the sound barrier loudly.

That's how God'slove hits you. If

you know, and love back, it hits you

harder the next time.


That time Hell fell from out of

nowhere and evil surrounded you

like skin and God smiled and loved

you enough to wash away all pain

and one by one each impish ill.

Like that.


As you age, you find yourself

thinking more about death and what

is actually waiting beyond life

without breath and bone and mind.

God taps you on the shoulder lightly

reminding you how good your path

has mostly been, how there is no

shame in your fame, and there is

no cause for fear. Like that.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

God and epsom salt baths make you feel good :D - slc

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God & Death ... Both believable 100%

Death (to me) is like going home to God after a long tiresome journey.Body & mind in tatters . Age has made movement excruciating.So many physical & mental scars & gaping wounds unhealed. Going home to rest .. It'sa welcome relief. Butt as long as I breathe I'll do whatever I was sent to do in the way CDI think is right... What's the hurry ? Momma can wait...



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Battered But Beautiful

We are survivors.  A lot of my friends are no longer alive. It makes life that much more beautiful - and yeah, a struggle, but that's life! :D - Stella




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That does sound nice.

A very beautiful write about the omnipresence of love.  N gosh diddly darn a hot bath does sound nice and rejuvenating.

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Thanks 4 The Read

Omnipresent love - a thought to salil on - Cheers, Stella



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God's love breaks the fear barrier. jetplanes of agape

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Don't Leave Home

without it ~(:D)- slc



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soothing sounds one of those

soothing sounds one of those baths

Copyright © morningglory

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Raises Seretonin Levels

(can't splll seritonin) and you are mind-clear and you smile more. Lasts about three days. - :D slc