Snowflake In My Eye

Vintage Words


It was a fluke

not a real sorrow

or cause for grief

as in a death, 

faithlessness or a



These are not tears

on my face. I arrived

from a snow storm

and a snowflake got

in my eye.


He did not leave

and go to her, nor

did my favorite dog die

of old age.The water

you see is make believe.

I merely got a snowflake

in my eye.


The car repossessed

and the eviction notice

on my flat is not at fault

here. My health, well

it might be one toe

in the grave news, but

it's not that either.


I do not weep. I am strong.

It had to be a snowflake

wandering in on a fast wind

to stab me in the eye.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i blame allergies :D

it really works too, once you have mastered the "waitress smile"  lol 

allets's picture

I Have A Snowflake Fetish

But dust or allergies works too :D Thanks for the read. Your comments are always welcome - yr poempal, Stella



AngryLaughter's picture


I blame it on dust...or a bug flew in my eye.

allets's picture

A Bug

Wish I'd thought of that - As kids we looked up at the snowfall and sometime you would get one in the eye and tears would form for the cold. Why is crying not for public consumption. it might be why the world is so bad - all that pend up whatever - or not :D - slc



bishu's picture

Congratulations on your 100 Respected Ma'am Allets

Image result for 100th anniversary

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



allets's picture

Awwwwwwww, U Rock Bishy!

I just want to know what you are going to do with all that "ROCK"? 100 a milestone, thank you for noticing. Loving the artwork - i feel congratulated. Enjoying this moment muchly . and not as humbly as I probably should, 2 busy smiling with a grin interrupting :D + : )  Lady A