Who Is That Bronco?


Who is that Bronco

sliding across the goal

line in the snow?


I just looked up

and he dodged

and avoided

the other team

trying to stop

his advance.


Then, bam! There

was the in-zone

and his feet just

slid across

the snow covered

turf, the line

obscured by white

but six points

went unchallenged.


My question is this.

Who was that Bronco

sliding like a sleigh

into NFL history

adding points worthy

of so much celebration?







Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is not a game, it is artists at war.

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schmuckjones's picture

Very cool

I like the style and metaphors.  I've definately got me some battles to fight.  But the war is never over right?

allets's picture

Thanks For Stopping By Mr. Jones

The welcome mat is always out and yes, artists are always in a war of words or notes. :D yr poempal - Lady A