Another Blank Page


Dry means it is time to do something

else. Pad and pen will collect dust on

a shelf. The mind will not consent to more

poetic expressings and the result us

the poet can't write.


Too much space is available for writing;

open paper white and inviting. Ideation

matrices are tired, the due date on

creativity expired which explains why

poets cease any longer to write.


Poets come on line with verses refined,

their poems image heavy devined. But,

lingering doubt decreases insight till 

the poet can no longer write.


The patrons who visit the site expect a

small taste of delight, but the muse 

has wilted, nodding head tilted, hence

the poet may no longer write.


Readers shocked with confusion think

dry spells a delusion. Poets lament

the mind warped and bent is the reason

that the poem can no longer write.


Like a coin, day flips into night

Conseptualization goes blind, loses sight.

Still, the ravenous public wants poems

fantastic. Totally exhausted

the poet can’t write.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Push out poems non-stop then stop due to no energy equals the dry spell. :D slc

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

so beautiful :)

when life gives you lemons, stella carves lemon drop castles and surrounds them with motes of lemonade :) clearly your muse can't stay away from you for too long, that is a muse in love lol

allets's picture

Moats of Lemonade

and lemon drop castles. My muse has issues. I've gotten use to him though. sometimes we merge, sometimes we supplement, sometimes we disown each other. He's use to me. :D - Stella (p.s. thanks for read and comment, u rock!)



sweetwater's picture

From the quality of this

From the quality of this work, I would say you are underestimating yourself, this happens to everyone and is very annoying isn't it, but you have great skills and have no need to worry. Of course it may well not have been a personal woe, which is more likely to be the case :-)) good poem, much enjoyed. Sue x

allets's picture

Thanks 4 Yr Comment, Sue

xoxox - slc (Yeah, occasionally - but I switch to prose and refresh the brain cells and gray matter). But yep, it happens to us all eventually.