Relativity Syndrome


Unrushed lov is felt because it knows

living is expressions of affection. 

The uncle who clowns and sings, the

aunt who engages your brain power,

showering you with compliments about

how intelligent you are.


You have a special place for the

grandmas who bake cookies and although

arthritic, fries a chicken. They are

there when trouble happen. You take the risk

of being readable and extremely found



Love is a life activity found somewhere

between the frowns and scathings, the quips

and criticisms; beyond doubt or misbelief.

Love is big faced smiles and good wishes

for health and happiness truthfully uttered.


Love just is. Laughter is not guarded or

stalled, kept, or held away from those who

desire it. Forgivenes is mandatory, often

daily. That said, now you know that every

relative you know is human.







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so beautiful and perfect for the holidays.

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A Time For Family



I just heard from Daniel-59 - he's moved and will be on line in Dec or the for the New Year. I was sooooo relieved to hear from my brother in poetry. The poem is based on observations over the years - solutions begin with us - :D slc