Blue Sky

Vintage Words


Wide open and inviting
as if a sign were posted
that said be here for a

moment or two.

The sky is fine, the wind

muted, the sun somewhere
being the sun while the sky
hangs around being
very blue.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blue is nice Bish - allets

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The most beautiful blue skies

The most beautiful blue skies I have seen in the UK since I was a kid was when the planes were grounded for a few weeks thanks to that volcano. I had forgotten just how strking the sky should look. Not the washed out watercolor skies we get today.

The darkness outside is not so frightening as the one inside. Behind knowing smiles and crocodile tears we hide our fears.


Being angry at someone is to give them power over you, but to forgive is to take away that power.

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No One talks

about airplane pollution. They have good lobbyist. Blue skies are a humans right! Definitely a fav color. - allets