Vintage Words


It flies on winds only

dreams can conjure or create,

then it grows smaller as

it rises to touch air that

has not been this close

to earth for many years.

It was destined to be



It was a favorite kite, beloved

by children of every age because it

dipped and turned like a mad iceskater

in an iceless routines, then leaping

as if winged but destined eventually

to land.


The gentle tug is perfect until

a wind sweeps in and grabs the tail

to snap pull and dance too quick

and sharply for hands to reel in

or strings to keep.


Now, the kite sings on air alone

without an anchor, the tail free to

do as it elects. The renegade kite

is a small reminder that keeping

is the flip side of losing.







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i like this.

i like this.

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Glad For It

Some poems are fun and free written - thanks for kind comment - :D slc



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Blue is fascinating !!!!

Blue is fascinating ....... 

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Yes It Is

Wide open
and inviting
as if a sign
were posted
that said
be here
for a moment
or two.
The sky is fine
the wind muted
the sun somewhere
being the sun
while the sky
hangs around
being very blue.