Another Winter

Vintage Words


Mostly, it is because it's cold

and dreary and cloudy

and icy. Winter. Snow is hard

to walk on and gets in your

boots turning to slush

and water. Winter.


No flowers, no bright colored

shirts and gymshoes. Boots

are usually brown or black

and overcoats are usually brown

or black. Winter.


Then, like a curtain pulled,

the sun vanishes most days

and not even the weather

lady knows what is about

to happen.


Mainly, the uncertainty factor

being a big part of my dislike

of the coldest months, I prefer

summer. Spring and Autumn

are too close to winter, so

give me sunshine and heat

and winter can go be dauntingly

and darkly chilling elsewhere.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Dylan

1 thing though. Hot chocolate and a furry throw makes winter cozy.

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But your forgetting the

But your forgetting the beauty of it all! It's a soft, white blanket! Colora coens from white, they contrast nicely. And the cold is good, if it wantt cold, what would e the point of warm and cozy fireplaces? And got chocolate? And there would be no sweaters! No blankets! The world would always be warm, I hate that! The change of seasons is much nicer than a constant season. 

post multa malae accidunt, bonae accidere potest. 

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I Lived In Florida 2 Years

And missed winter snow big time! :D



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I love

the poem

thank you

I love the fact that you are posting again

nice for us

I hope it is good for you

still do not like the cold weather

never have



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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Thanks For The Visit

9inety rocks! (we had flurries yesterday and cold weather finally descended like, well, winter). See you around the site. I feel like writing something different. - Stella



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This poem makes me sad...

..thinking of Norwegians & Kashmiris



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The Rocky Mountains, The Alps, and The Himalayas! Stay warm, dress insulated, and let it snow! - slc



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Winter is just too darn cold.

Winter is just too darn cold. If only snow wasn't. Id sure like it a lot better... 

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It is snowing here now


icicles hang from the sun porch - in irony. Gotta go get thr grandson. Better see how much is expected.


I wish snow

was not cold

and beach sands

not too hot.

I want sunshine

to not burn

anything precious

and snow banks

and ice patches

to be very

very small.


Stella L. Crews







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wouldn't it be nice if we could have icicles while on hot beach sands? Have fun with grandson!

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His Dad


came home early so I get a break. Last day of school for TGivng break starts Wednesday. so it is my week for resting! Going to Florida day after Christmas, so got to wrap presents to give out TGving. I'm like a big kid this time of year. Be happy and have a happy one! slc



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another good one!!

i agree with your weather preferences, but not healing woman's.  it snowed once in south texas, and it was a bit disturbing to watch snow fall on sandy beaches and cactus.   some part of the brain just says "WTF??!!" like some law of physics has been violated lol

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Fifty Degree Weather

in Michigan in November - WTF is right.  A chilly poem for the season. Healingwoman is like me, snow is pretty cold stuff - I am not complaining about rosees blooming in October. :D - slc



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I do Not like cold!! Probably

I do Not like cold!! Probably gonna have to head south very soon. I would welcome December roses...

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Cold & Old Bones


So far no terrible arthritis or cold bones syndrome, but in a few years, I may be looking for some really heavy fleece lined underwear. Brrrrrr.... We are promised a mild winter - yaaaaaay!