Vintage Words

The nations of earth have all weighed

in and have given us their interpretation

of wordspal, but there is no consensus yet.

Favored among definitions is: Those who

befriend poets via correspondence or email.

Not even close.


Wordspal is an anacrhonism for 21st Century

writers who live in the centuries prior to 1200.

It is of German descent and means more than

what it was originally designed to express.

Historically, grammarians have known the meaning

but have kept it secret like the Masons and

the Volturi. Wordspal.


Or, for all practical considerations, it

may simply be a misspelled word intended to

relay affection and solidarity between poets.

The jury is still out.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

 A term created by Bishwantath Murkerjee 11-19-15 :D

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