Radical Faith

Vintage Words


I have watched my cities burn,

watched my people die from deep

wounds, heard cries of horrendous

pain fill the air to commingle

with clouds of smoke and the dust

from the ruins of what was once

my home.


I will kill as much as I can to serve

the teachings I selected as relevance

and mandate. No one can stop me. I

will be invisible except after the

death I have planned and enabled.


My aim is paradise. No matter

what females find after death,

I will have bliss. No one will deny

eternal joy to me as if I were a

Viking seeking Valhalla and the halls

sanctioned by the male god Odin. I

will believe in Koran and Holy Law

and die well if I must to be faithful

and truth sustaining.


What is blood? What is flesh? We

are not what the unfaithful will ever

comprehend. We perceive hard hatred 

for the infidel. Our humane half,

our women, has been silenced.


We are at war with all things not

Muslim, not of Islam, not reverent

and male oriented. There is no paradise

for women. They are invisible in God's

eyes. It is a life choice, a man's

dedication. The world is our enemy

and we will never stop until Jihad

is complete this time.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you condition a population to hate an enemy, they will hate them for a lifetime. This partially explains why so many are cracking and mass killing in schools and workplaces. Hundreds of people who are dead by bullets should be alive, but hate kindled by anger drove people to extremes.

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