Let's Not Dwell On The Past

Vintage Words


She ate my pie. My

favorite pie. It was

the last from the pan,

the last forkful that I

was anticipating.


"What!" I yelled, regret

filled and pissed off.

"It was done with good intent

and it is over. Let's not

dwell on the past," she said,

and I had to laugh.







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She should have made you more though....

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is a virtue. Without expectation. i think of Christmas gifts - to give is better. But to receive is nice too. For those I care about, what's mine is still mine. Mostly :D



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i had to laugh too!  how can u argue with that?

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It's About Personality and Style

If you know someone well, they can con you into believeing anything is fine that they do and when you concede you have to laugh knowing you've been had aka charmed. Humor rocks! :D