Vintage Words


Give me your tired. I have sofas

and chairs for the tired. Humane

treatment is risky. Sand gets mangled

with bootprints and barbed wire. Come

anyway, from anywhere you are about

to be evicted.

You are welcome. We are working on

our border issues. Walls should be

sieve like. If you mess up, we can

evict you later.


Hard truths shape the public. Truly

a point for emphasis without importing

anything approaching chips on the shoulders. 

Easy choice, this. Not a lot of effort

required to make that decision when

humanism questions arise.


It is long past time for opening the doors.

Give me your poor, your huddled masses

in a few years. Let's see what happens next.

Let's all be a little less afraid and a lot

more human for a while.







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