Bard of Kolkata

Vintage Words


Creation is his theme, imagination

his companion for writing it nicely

and well. The world from eyes

that see humanity in colors, is 

granted access because his range

is worldly.


I know India from the inside now

because of the pen putting down words

that can just barely be glimpsed

before they ascend to the levels

of the gods and goddesses

who inspired them.


He is not for us. No. He is

eternity and places where humility

covers everything over like paint.

Invisibility is the rule.


Humbly, he tells the world

there is a mind at work reading

the writings from his map. His

striated walls require close 

attention. But not for praise,

for contemplation.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Bishwanath Murkerjee "Bishu" :D slc

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that's soo beautiful

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Bishwanath Murkerjee

A rock of ages - :D