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Tremble when there is nothing

to fear but killing and life after

killing. None of your courage helps

rid you of the shakes. They said

you must fear and so you do.


We are notorious for painting

a wide swatch of blame. Be afraid.

Be very afraid, they tell you.

Progress is the offspring of peace.

War begets all kinds of permutations

of ideologies. I fear it will translate

into hatred for those who follow

the teachings of Mohammed.


New enemies defined by a faith

means that we have not progressed

much from Biblical or the times of

the Holy Koran. We have not grown

in Christian compassion. None

of this is emphasized in the op eds

or political declarations of whom

we should hate.


Pray for peace, but prepare

for annihilating the enemy defined

for two decades as "them". We eat it

for breakfast, such hatred. We

are prepared for war against anyone.


Pray for peace. Prepare for death

statistics of body bags filled with

the children of our foes. Eventually,

our children will be readied for graves

in large numbers as if Napalm were

dropped on their days. The giant has

been poked and stalks the world

like a colossus.


Shifting into a comfortable position,

our weapon's belt and small arsenal

hangs low on the hip. We heft our swords

and raise our axes wishing for more

ways to kill and make the earth red.







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I enjoyed your poetic statement; praying for peace is good but practical solutions to bring that about are essential. I also noted your concern about your country's budgets redirected from health  into war preparation, I think you have taken quite a responsible stand point of view and state it eloquently in your poem. Where there is war there is need for medical facilities: and I agree with you; your health budgets in your country are essential for your general populace and recovering service personnel. Great read - to the end of the Mid East situation.

allets's picture

Retaliation and Retribution

I hope we have evolved regarding civilians vs terrorists vs Jihadists vs Muslims. Watching. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Note: Supreme Court refused to give GOP a "simple majority" to overturn health care plan. It is a plan vs the no plan offered by anyone else; a win, at least a way to cover the citizenry - making it mandatory to have a plan without the denial due to previous existing conditions. Many join up, many stop paying because they can not afford it - it's a start.




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Liked ........

Pray for peace, but prepare for annihilating

the enemy 



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Thanks Bish

Sobering thoughts : (