Vintage Words


One day hate will end

the world. The Gods will

gather at a big feast

to debate the reasons

why humans could not

wait for the earth's



The last such gather

occured following

the extinction

of the dinosaurs.


At least they

did not hate so hard

or wish ill of each

other. A few were

eaten, but that was

their nature.


When the oil fields

go dry and the big bombs

fall and kill the species

and most of the fauna

and flora as collateral

damage, the Gods

will shake their heads,

redefine the parameters

allowed for hating,

go get laid, then

start over.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

oooh i like this one!!!

makes me wonder, what if the dinosaurs WERE so hate filled that we dream of evil dragons, and humans were just fine until we started digging them up and burning them?  lol just a thought haha

allets's picture

Thanks 4 The Read

Enjoying every moment. :D



KingofWords's picture

So true

So true dear allets. Excellent writing! :)

allets's picture

Thanks For The Read Doc

After France, after so much besides, the world is arming for conflict. I wish us all good fortune - and survival. God bless.