Late Bloomer

Vintage Words

When you see a November Rose

you know winter is late in waking.
The earth is still warm beneath

blankets of rose leaves. Button mums

linger and dormant seeds sprout


Still awakened by the sun, still
serenaded by the moon, the three

roses too long abloom

in the backyard garden

either came too late

or too soon,




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and_hera_met_zeus's picture


so beautiful!!!!  poor sad roses

allets's picture

I Took Pictures

Wish I knew how to post them on pp. Anyway, the weather is great for walking. The next big gut of wind and whoosh - rosedust :D




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

yeah, it is!

supposedly el niño's make milder winters here.  maybe the rose will make it into december!! :D  (if it survives to have snow land on it, i'd love to see that picture!!!)

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That Would B A December rose

Southeast Michigan, winter falls. One day sunny & okay temps, then ten degrees and a strange iced wettish substance appears and makes all things colder. Go figure. December roses bow to the season, molt their petals, singing the oldies tune about autumn lleaves drifting by my window. :D