For Bern

Vintage Words


Death is my buddy. We

play in the mud singing

old diddies me and Death.


The end is my continuation.

We sing eternity together

making it up as we drift

from nothingness into



If the world ends before I

go I will introduce the dead

planet to my friend. It was

a long time coming. Ages

after ages, turning and

cycling from dark to light.

I will tell Death it

was something.






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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

do me a favor

next time u see Him,

tell him i moved

(and took my friends and family)

to an obscure island in the south pacific.


(buy me some time to let dust settle on the funeral clothes)

allets's picture

We Are Metaphorical Buddies

Have not played in the mud since around 5 maybe 6 years old, but when I see him, I'll hold him off for as long as I can for you. :D




AngryLaughter's picture

Dear Bern

Nice guy.

allets's picture

He Left Postpoems

I miss him.