Comes And Goes


People. They appear from out of nowhere,

stay a while, sometimes years. People.

As if a wizzard waved a wand, they are gone

and do not come back. Wind like,

it comes and goes.


Things. Collected as if a jewel, a trifle

having meaning only for you as valuable.

Things get lost in moves, or stolen, or

borrowed and never returned. Things. Wave

prone bit of shell wash in for a hope

of permanence then washed out to dwell

elsewhere. Sea torn, it comes and goes.


Memories stored for easy recall when young,

when old they pass into fragments of color

or sound. Memories, no longr attached

to the person or thing, vanish slowly like

a mist kissed by sunrise in summer. Age

infected, they come and go.







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Some treat things as people, and people as things. Some erase memories with time and chemicals.

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"Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you." Simon and Garfunkle from Old Friends.



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I found this very sad,

I found this very sad, (especially the last verse )  it says a great deal about life and loss. After loved ones I think memory must be one of the biggest loses we fear. The last two lines of the last verse are perfectly beautiful.  Sue.

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Not Too Sad I Hope

Just one possible reality. Thank you, Sue, for your lovely comment.