Tenacious Like A Wildflower


Down urge to pick wildflowers

in someone else's field. There!

See the scarecrow, the pack

of long toothed hounds protecting

that which is not yours.


Off with you, levelers of time

as if incapable of bloom. Be

tenacious tiny seeds on the wind

without remorse for growing

where you sink.


Even a flower can wax political

in it courtship of rain and sun

from a pedestal of just enough



Be wind whisked across pickets

and high stacked walls to settle

atop an overgrown parcel, as if

when barriered it was ultimately

intended to be ignored.






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Why do we not have "tameflowers"?

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One Of The Great Questions Of Our Time

Scholars are searching for the answer to this question. No luck so far. We may never know why there are no tameflowers. But we are hopeful :D thanks for the read.



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all the trials and tribulations

of poor little rapunzel

began when her mother

started rooting around in someone else's garden



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Beware Those Who


have been "rooting around". I have not thought of my bff, rapunzel, in a while. Last I heard from her, she was in the last Shrek movie. Not tooooooo shabby :D