To Give Thanks

Holiday Poems


Let's see, health okay. Thanks.

Not overdrawn at the bank.

Thanks. No car accidents

in the family anywhere

across the country. No one

in the hospital hanging on.



Lots of highs, lots of lows,

but mostly smooth going.

Thanks. Teeth don't hurt,

no severe arthritis yet,

can still think and feel

okay. Thanks.


No one wants me dead

that I know of. Thanks.

No one is taking me

to court. Thanks.

The family is gathering

for a day of thanks

and smiles and lots

of hug.


Especially for the grands,

the great grands, and

the expected great great

addition. Thanks.






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bishu's picture

Nice one Respected A

You are fully right .. Being thankful may give peace



allets's picture

It Does


A prayer of thanks is needed betimes to bring calm and summon peace of spirit Bishy. U R write! - slc





sweetwater's picture

Very nice poem. We should all

Very nice poem. We should all give thanks for what we are grateful for. Sue.

allets's picture

A Thanksgiving Poem

A prayer - Definitely "Gladness" :D ~Stella~