How Rumors Start

Vintage Words


The California coast fell into the sea

just as an asteroid the size of New Mexico

struck the moon and is why Oprah

dropped out of beauty school, but only after

all the migrants and refugees in Europe

gave up and walked home.


When the sun came out all the birds migrated

to Iceland, taxes will be tripled for 2020

to cover the election, and when the moon

is full there will be werewolves but

on Halloween there will be a plethora

of real vampyres.


Next year, due to cosmic interference,

grass will be red and a week from now

a volcano will erupt in Iowa and result

in fewer flatlands. In time all of the above

may or may not come true. It depends

on what you want to pass allong

until it becomes general knowlege..







Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lady I met once said, "It' true, I read it in The National Inquirer." It is in this spirit that I write this poem.

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If I had $100 for every fool...

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You'd Be A Billionaire

Scarey - appropriately at Halloween, so many gullible people out there. :D -Stella-