Vintage Words


Flat surface

marred by old nicks

made by manual

typewriters, staplers,

and stacked folders.


Cleared, washed

and polished, once

dried, the furniture

only needs an adjustable

teacher's chair.


Occupied by late night

writers, editors, or those

who attempt to teach anything.

Stained by spilled ink bottles

and leaky ink pens.


Never abandoned for long.

The next impatient generation

of desk staff are being born

as we speak.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture


i love it!!! vivid imagery and a timeless quality that encompasses the past from quill pens all the way up to future adults born today... and all that in only a few words (that would have taken me a full chapter to write haha!!!)

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Easy Write This

I once had a Detroit teacher's desk. Big sucker. I passed it on. A model for this poem.