Sometimes A Woman

Vintage Words


Packing up your few belongings

was the easy part. Getting the locks

changed, sheer bliss. Ripping

up the pictures of us was no

hard task at all, just more mess

on the floor.


Tossing your album collection

from the third story attic was fun.

The stereo you loved, and I hated,

shattered rather nicely on concrete.


Retribution is such an ugly word,

like vengeance and vendetta. Nothing

will replace the love I swept

onto the porch yesterday. On second

thought you might want to come get it.

She might want it.


When I lose outrage and the desire

to murder, I will wish you well

elsewhere. Oh, by the way, your

tux has been inadvertently shredded

and you can pick up your dog

at the pound. Best hurry on the dog,

I told them it had rabbies.







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